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Rustic Barn Home Tour

This barn home is based on 44'x48' Great Plains Western. All Sand Creek Post & Beam barn home kits feature the strength and beauty of post and beam timber frame construction. Rustic yet sophisticated, our barns are pre-manufactured, shipped as a kit, and built to last generations.


Michigan Dream Acreage

Everyone dreams of that perfect acreage, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A place where life seems to slow down and you can enjoy what really matters. Sand Creek Post & Beam is dedicated to turning that dream into reality.


Iowa Storage & Garage Barn

Sand Creek Post & Beam manufactures and ships custom designed barn kits nationwide. Our barns feature post and beam construction, are based on historic designs, and are built to last generations. The beauty and strength of post and beam construction makes them an ideal structure for horse barns, storage barns, hobby barns, or workshops.


California Acreage Barn

This Ponderosa Country Barn is perfect for any Acreage and loaded with character. Inside you’ll find tons of storage space for all the equipment with an open partial loft.


California Vineyard Barn

Situated on a vineyard, the customers built a party barn to host events. Inside are high ceilings, exposed wood beams and plenty of space for all the guests. The outside features entertaining space for the gorgeous evenings.


California Garage & Party Barn

An American muscle barn used to store a classic car, this is a must-see video. Both the inside and outside are in immaculate condition and there’s even a party loft! The views from this barn are breathtaking!


California Farmhouse Barn Home

This video tour takes you through a custom California home, designed with huge windows perfect for watching the sunset. The unique home features a one-of-a kind wood tower for guest sleeping quarters.


California Horse Ranch Art Studio

A horse ranch, an art studio and the perfect place to roast s’mores with the family, this Great Plains Western Horse Barn serves as a multi-use barn. Watch to see how seamlessly it all flows together in one amazing hobby barn.


California Cattle Ranch

Check out the large open porch on this half barn, half home. The loft adds some extra living space while leaving room for the horses.


Barn In The Forest

With soaring walls this barn reaches over 35 feet in height. Situated in the forest, it serves as a working storage barn and will serve for generations to come.


Long Row Lavender

A beautiful whitewashed barn has the perfect style for this lavender farm. Watch as the owners tell their story of why they began their journey to work towards a common purpose. This is a family owned farm located in Missouri.


Almond Orchard

A cute Ponderosa Country Barn is built on an Almond Orchard Farm while serving as a home to horses. Watch this video to view inside and out of the charming wood barn.


California Party Barn

This elegant and rustic structure serves as a party barn located in California. You’ll find a gorgeous style inside and out from the color scheme to the rich wood beams. There is also a bridal sweet in the loft you have to see!


Great Plains Western Barn Home

Tour this lake home that features 1.5 stories of living space. It features an open porch with wonderful views of the lake and is located in Nebraska.


Multiple Structures

A retired couple needed a new horse barn and knew a wood barn was their only option. After this first experience they came back for a larger storage barn for antiques followed by a garden shed turned into a playhouse for their grandkids.


Barn Home Tucked In The Trees

A customer wanted a barn home for his vacation retreat. Him and his wife chose a Great Plains Western Horse Barn to serve their needs. View this barn home tucked in the trees near a lake in Nebraska.


Barn Home on the Plains

This spectacular barn home is situated on the plains in Iowa. The wrap around porch is perfect for enjoying sunsets over the pond. Inside, you’ll be wowed by the towering great room and perfect mix of wood and modern touches.


Secluded Barn Home

Tour this barn home located on a secluded property in Iowa. Built as a second home, the open concept and screened in porch are perfect for family gatherings.


Lakeside Barn Home

Situated on a small private lake, this barn home is the perfect getaway for a Nebraska family. The unmistakeable barn style and unique character make this lake house stand out from the crowd. View aerial footage of this weekend retreat and start building ideas for your dream barn or barn home!


Miss Molly's Coffee

A local family turns a barn kit into a drive through coffee shop. The unique uses of a Sand Creek Post & Beam barn continue to amaze us. This video highlights Miss Molly’s, known for roasting their own beans and offering a wide variety of cold and hot coffee. Learn more about their story, and get ideas for your very own dream barn. The possibilities are truly endless.


Saluti Cellars

Saluti Cellars Winery, Bed and Breakfast, Wedding and Event Center from Bruce Champion on Vimeo.


Wild About Barns Feature

Sand Creek Post & Beam custom designed the barn kit for this spectacular wedding venue in Oklahoma. Learn the history behind the project and see how we worked hand in hand with the family to build a barn that will last for generations to come.


Historic Style Workshop Barn In Texas

A Sand Creek Post & Beam Prairie Carriage House was just the barn this couple was looking to add to their Hill Country acreage. The historic design, big timbers and rustic feel simply couldn't be achieved by a metal building. Wanting it to last for generations, this video shows just how much a barn means to our customers.


Barn Story

Watch this mini-documentary on what inspired the founders of Sand Creek Post & Beam, Jule Goeller and Len Dickinson to start their company. Jule and Len also explain the barn building process from the cutting and milling of the timbers, to the fabrication process, and finally the barn raising. We wrap up this video by sharing brief conversations with three customers who talk about their reasons for wanting their own barn.


Virtual Barn Walk Through

In this Sand Creek Post & Beam video you get to experience a virtual walk through of a barn designed for one of our clients. You experience how the interior of the barn will look once it is completed, including a virtual walk up the stairs to the loft area. This video gives you an accurate representation of the structure of the barn, how the bents will look and even where interior light fixtures can be placed.


Deanna Rose Childrens Farmstead Entrance

This is the dedication of the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead. Watch the children walk through the barn with a look of wonder in their eyes. Board members and visitors talk about how much they enjoy the look and feel of an authentic post and beam wood barn. You will get a true idea of the scale of this barn when you see the aerial view of the structure.


Traditional Barn

Listen as Tom Beutler describes why he chose to build a Sand Creek Post & Beam barn on his property. Used for storage, a place for the kids to play, and most importantly, a place for the band to practice. This Ponderosa Country Barn has a half loft and two 12' lean-tos. As Tom said, "Everybody loves a barn ... and I have my very own barn."


Commercial Barn

Our barns are built using rough-cut full dimension lumber, so you actually get a 2" x 6" that measures 2 inches by 6 inches! Our in-house design staff provides custom plans for each barn. All barns are pre-build in one of our production facilities before they are shipped to the job site, helping to eliminate any potential problems with the erection of the frame.


Goes to the Sawmill

It's amazing to watch the heavy equipment used to properly harvest standing timbers in South Dakota. Nothing is done by hand, one machine has an operator that selects individual trees and cuts them down while another removes the limbs and prepares the trunks to be loaded on a truck for delivery to the sawmill. Once at the mill, machines remove the bark from the tree trunks and process them into timbers and boards used to build Sand Creek Post & Beam barns around the country. It's quite a journey.


Prairie Carriage House in Texas

A Sand Creek dealer describes what types of Sand Creek Post & Beam barns are being built in Texas. He gives insight into what makes a post & beam structure unique and what the advantages are for the customer. Unlike traditional timber framing, we use steel plates to connect the timbers and pre-drill each joint so it is both very strong and easy to re-assemble at the job site.


Building Construction Time Lapse

Watch this time-lapse video of the Deanna Rose Barn Project in Overland Park Kansas to see how quickly the job gets done. This barn is put up in less than one minute! Now that's fast. Sand Creek Post & Beam provided construction services for this project.


Builds Custom Guitar Shop

Mark Gilbert of Lone Wolf Guitars decided to build a Sand Creek Post & Beam barn for his shop. This barn was built at over 9,200 foot elevation in the Colorado Rockies. Mark liked the fact that he could build any interior walls he wanted himself, giving him total flexibility for the interior design. He was also able to insulate the outside of the structure and leave the interior timber structure exposed, retaining the beauty of the timbers for all to see. Sand Creek worked closely with Mark to give him the structure he dreamed of and took an active part in designing. Oh, and by the way, the acoustics aren't too bad either.


Combination Barn

Mike Penny, from Texas, talks about his love for the land and his desire to build an authentic Sand Creek Post & Beam wood barn. He chose Sand Creek to build his barn after doing extensive research and reviewing our web site and product catalog. Mike decided to take the features of two barns and combine them in a unique way to fit his needs. This barn allows him to store his equipment plus provide livable space for weekend guests. The 400 square foot covered porch is perfect for relaxing in the evenings. This barn is now a family legacy that will outlast several generations.


Polaris Plug

Sand Creek Post & Beam Polaris Plug. The 2011 Polaris line-up of ATVs and Side-by-Sides



Len Dickinson, co-founder of Sand Creek Post & Beam, is an expert guest on the RFD-TV "LIVE" show. Excerpts of the hour long show were used to create this five minute video. Len talks about the unique qualities of our barns with over 500 sold and no two exactly the same. Our barn kits make it easier to assemble the timber structure at the job site and also make your barn more cost effective. All of our kits use full-dimension rough cut timbers supplied by small mills that produce quality wood products.


Journey from Customer to Dealer

Enjoy the beauty of this Montana property and the Sand Creek Post and Beam barn turned into a home. Julie Vandewark walks you through her barn home and shares her journey from being a satisfied customer to becoming an authorized dealer for Sand Creek. Her home is both rustic and beautiful, perfectly suited to her family's lifestyle and the mountain landscape. If you ever wanted to see what a barn home really looks like, this video will open your eyes.


Featured Barns - May 2012

Listen to beautiful background music as you watch barn images to match. This brief video shows you the variety of barn styles we can build for you. These barns are just a few of the Featured Projects we have on the Sand Creek Post & Beam web site. You will be amazed at how much creativity and passion goes into these Features Projects.


Ponca Area Sports Complex

Sand Creek Post and Beam partners with the Ponca Area Sports Complex to create something not seen at most high school football and track fields - a barn!


McGranahan Barn

Built over 100 years ago, the old McGranahan Barn near Piedmont collapsed in the 1990's. Now the decedents of barn's original owners are rebuilding it to the original size and style.

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