Traditional Wood Barns

The traditional barn, originally a place for livestock and grain, was considered the most important structure on any homestead. Over time the barn became a reflection of a family’s wealth and status. Today, a Sand Creek Post and Beam barn is built with the same emphasis on quality and craftsmanship as well as historic authenticity.

Every barn kit we produce is the embodiment of America’s rich history, tradition and heritage. We use the same wood timbers and traditional post and beam construction techniques handed down by past generations of craftsmen. Once home for cattle, hogs, draft horses and harvested crops, today’s barn is just as likely to be home to riding horses, 4-H pets, tractors, recreational vehicles and the family car!

A standard Sand Creek Post & Beam barn kit includes a pre-cut post and beam frame made from full dimension, rough-sawn 6" x 6" - 6" x 12" timbers (measuring a true 6" across) and through bolted together using ¼" steel plates. From there we finish off the frame with full dimension 3" x 6" purlins, 2" x 6" girts, and wrap the barn in 1" x 10" board and 1" x 3" batten rough-sawn siding. The finished barn is the perfect custom-designed space for anything important enough to protect from the elements.

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