Traditional Wood Barns

Sand Creek Post & Beam manufactures and ships custom designed barn kits nationwide. Our barns feature post and beam construction, are based on historic designs, and are built to last generations. The beauty and strength of post and beam construction makes them an ideal structure for horse barns, storage barns, hobby barns, or workshops.

Each barn kit is manufactured at our modern plant facility in Wayne, Nebraska utilizing the Sand Creek Post & Beam system. This system is the perfect blend of customization and pre-manufacturing, resulting in a custom designed barn kit with the convenience, quality control, ease of construction and cost savings of a pre-manufactured structure.

example of traditional wood barns

Standard Bent

tradition wood barn bent section example

What's In a Kit

All barn kits come with custom designed barn plan drawings and a construction guide. Your kit will be designed to set on the foundation of your choice, and needs only the final roofing and any interior finishes to complete your barn. Below is a list of what is included in our standard barn kits.

Pre-cut post and beam frame:
6”x6” posts, 6”x8” rafters, 6”x8” - 6”x12” tie beam, depending on model, 6”x6” collar ties, depending on model, 4”x4” lower and 6”x6” upper knee braces

  • - 2”x6” Cedar sill plate
  • - 3”x6” Roof purlins
  • - 2”x6” Wall girts
  • - 1/4” Steel joinery plates (including
  •    bolts & fasteners)
  • - Trim, soffit, and fascia
  • - 1”x8” Roof sheathing and synthetic
  •   roof underlayment
  • - 1”x10” Board and 1”x3” batten
  •    vertical exterior siding
  • - Complete foundation plans
  • - Fully diagrammed building plans
  • - Detailed construction guide
Hammer and Sunburst Truss example
traditional wood barn example