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All Sand Creek Post & Beam frames are pre-assembled to ensure a perfect fit before disassembling for shipment. The result is an attractive, extremely sturdy barn that will enhance your property and provide you with years of enjoyment. With several styles, sizes, options and accessories from which to choose, Sand Creek Post & Beam big timber barn and outbuilding kits can be custom designed to create your one-of-a-kind barn. You need only a foundation on which to build and the shingles you choose to complete your barn or outbuilding.

Can Sand Creek Post & Beam custom design my barn?

Yes. We offer a variety of barns in standard styles and sizes. We also offer options such as open and closed lean-tos and dormers, as well as a variety of styles and sizes of our hand-crafted doors, windows and cupolas. One of the great advantages of post and beam (timber frame) construction is its flexibility in placement of such options and accessories. Whether you choose from our standard selections or having something completely different in mind, our CAD department can easily work with you to create a completely custom design.

What does my barn kit include?

Each Sand Creek Post & Beam barn kit has all the materials you need to erect your barn kit on a sturdy foundation. Standard kit materials include: Eastern red cedar sill plates, sill plate brackets, pre-cut post and beam frame, trim, soffit and fascia, board & batten vertical siding, roof sheathing, roof tar paper, exterior walk-out door and windows, gable vents, hardware and fasteners, and ¼" steel joinery plates. Standard barn package materials are more fully listed on a separate page in this catalog. Each barn kit may have other components included depending on style, options and accessories.

What is not included in my barn kit?

Everything is included except your foundation, siding nails, and shingles (or metal roof).

What wood products are used?

Sand Creek Post & Beam uses full dimension (6”x6” is a full 6”x6”), rough cut wood, both for its authentic, rustic look and for its additional strength. The result is a beautiful rich look both inside and out. While other species of wood can be ordered, Ponderosa pine and Norway pine are our woods of choice. Ponderosa pine is known for its “honey toned” hue and is used where appearance is of primary importance. Norway pine has a straight grain and even texture, with strength properties perfect for posts, beams and trusses. Both woods are easy to work with and have been specially milled to our specifications.

What kind of foundation can be used?

Sand Creek Post & Beam barn kits are typically designed for a concrete foundation. A slab concrete foundation with poured footings is the most popular. Because of the flexibility of post and beam construction, concrete slab, pier or concrete block foundations may all be used with our structures. As an option, a full or partial basement can also be used with our barns.

Will I need a building permit?

Projects of this type may require approval from your local building department depending on your location, and may also need approval from a HOA, etc. While determining what permits may be necessary and obtaining any permits or approvals is your responsibility, our building plans are fully detailed to facilitate your permit and approval process. If required, a professional engineer stamp for your location is available.

Will Sand Creek Post & Beam structures meet local building codes?

Our buildings meet or exceed most building code standards. Sand Creek Post & Beam barn kits have been designed for a 30 psf ground snow load and 85 mph wind load. If local building codes exceed our standard designs, we can make any necessary structural changes for an additional fee. An engineering stamp for your location is available if requested.

Is financing available?

While we do not provide financing, we have worked with financing sources that have been helpful to our customers. Please let us know if we can be of service.

What is your area of delivery?

Sand Creek Post & Beam delivers nationwide – both in the US and Canada. We also keep shipping costs as low as possible to our customer by simply passing along what it costs us to deliver their barn.