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Advantages of Sand Creek Post & Beam

Welcome to Sand Creek Post & Beam, the leading manufacturer of custom designed wood barn kits. We are a family owned company, located in the heart of rural America at Wayne, Nebraska. Our barns are based on historic barn styles perfected by our forefathers, using post and beam construction and a faithful commitment to the timber frame tradition for the ultimate in strength, flexibility and beauty. Keeping these traditions alive and sharing the passion for our barn kits is the cornerstone of our company.

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Custom sizes, styles, designs

Sand Creek Post & Beam’s professional in-house design team offers true custom design capabilities for each of our barn kits. Based on several historic barn styles and using post and beam construction, our customers may choose from unlimited design options to make their barn kit a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. With post and beam construction, massive timbers form the load bearing frame of these deceptively simple and sturdy structures. Post and beam construction provides breathtaking barn interiors featuring the exposed posts and beams of the frame. Because the walls are not load bearing, it also provides the ultimate in design flexibility. From a charming garden shed to a large commercial building, we can design your barn kit to meet any local building code specifications.

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Traditional Quality Materials

Sand Creek Post & Beam uses full dimension (6”x6” is a full 6”x6”), rough cut wood, both for its authentic, rustic look and for its additional strength. The result is a beautiful rich look both inside and out. While other species of wood can be ordered, Ponderosa pine is our wood of choice. Known for its “honey toned” hue and prized as a beautiful wood for furniture, cabinets or when appearance is of primary importance, Ponderosa pine fits snugly and is easy to work with. Its distinctive knot pattern adds character. With a uniform cell structure and scarcity of resin pockets, Ponderosa pine is resistant to splitting, and has little tendency to check, warp or twist. It dries easily by air seasoning, is durable and takes stain well.

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Timber Frame Construction

Like the cathedrals and barns of days gone by, our barns are built using traditional timberframe construction. Today’s technology has allowed us to offer ¼” custom-designed steel joinery plates to make each joint even more secure. Because the timbers forming the frame of the building carry the weight of the structure, interior space can be left open or divided in almost any way imaginable. Timber frame construction offers superior strength with the warmth and beauty of exposed wood timbers.

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Building Green

Sand Creek Post & Beam has a deep concern for the environment and protection of the land. We want our barns to last for generations, while ensuring healthy forests and a clean environment as part of our legacy. Not only was wood the traditional building material for barns, wood grows naturally, using energy from the sun, and is the only major building material that’s renewable, re-usable and sustainable. It outperforms other materials in terms of energy use, greenhouse gases and air pollution, and is actively promoted by the USDA as superior green building material. Where others may use harsh chemicals harmful to the environment (often used on sill plates), Sand Creek Post & Beam chooses to use Eastern Red Cedar that is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects. In addition, the flexibility of wood makes it an ideal building material for earthquake safety or high wind requirements.

As part of our efforts to be good stewards and help with reforestation, Sand Creek Post & Beam will donate 10 lodge pole pine or Douglas fir trees in your name when you purchase a barn kit from us. Our barn kits are produced primarily from Ponderosa Pine which re-seeds itself for future growth. Our suppliers practice selective logging to help maintain and continue the healthy growth of forests.

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