Texas Timber Frames

Our company was founded on the idea that the perfect space ought to blend beauty, functionality, and sustainability, and that the structure should be inspiring to those who use it. 25 years later, we still strive for this standard in everything we build. Whether we are building a gorgeous personal residence or a public space such as a church, clubhouse, or event center, Texas Timber Frames brings a unique blend of innovative design and old-world craftsmanship to the project that cannot be found elsewhere.

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Mortise and Tenon Timber Frames

The driving force behind our ability to execute on our complicated structures with efficiency and speed is rooted in our company history. The two master craftsmen and our lead designer at Texas Timber Frames use to cut our frames by hand, crafting each piece using the traditional tools of hammer and chisel. Our company now utilizes cutting-edge technology in our CNC fabrication process to efficiently craft our timbers to incredibly small tolerances--up to 1/16” of an inch. This allows our master timber framers to lead the erection of our mortise and tenon frames to their exact standards, making sure that company expectations of excellence are met.

Mortis & Tenon Timber Frames example by Texas Timber Frames

Highest Quality Timber

Furthermore, we use only the highest quality timber for our structures and ensure that all materials are responsibly harvested. Our wide selection of timber options include douglas fir, white oak, western red cedar, port orford cedar, and southern yellow pine. Other materials, such a reclaimed or specialty hardwoods are available upon request.

Bring us your dream project and we’ll work hand in hand with you to make it a reality.