testimonial barn interior example


Our customers mean the world to us and we love hearing about their experiences. Below you will find satisfied customers from around the world, sharing a bit about their experience building with Sand Creek Post & Beam.

Testimonial Barn 1

The team at Sand Creek made this project possible.

"Building a barn house in Kansas while living in New Jersey is not an easy task. The team at Sand Creek made this project possible. What we thought was going to be a painful project living so far away turned out to be a very enjoyable experience thanks to all the support and help we received from all your team members. Thanks to Sand Creek's commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction our barn house turned out exceptional. You exceeded all of our expectations. Thank you for allowing our dreams to come true."

-The Cowan Family, KS

Testimonial Barn 2

Direct hit from an EF3 tornado

"This barn took a direct hit from an EF3 tornado in Adairsville, GA and NO damages beside 3 window panes. This is a testimony on how good Sand Creek Post & Beam Traditional Post & Beam Barn Kits products and crews are. Unfortunately the trees you see in the background are no more."

-Jean-Luc Chatelain, GA

Testimonial Barn 3

Pleasure to work with from beginning to end.

"Sand Creek Post & Beam was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. Their sales staff made sure I understood the process and were very friendly. The shipping team communicated with me so I knew exactly when to expect my order and the construction staff were always willing to help and answer any questions we had during the build. The kit went together just like the drawings showed, and the barn is exactly what we wanted. The follow-up and customer service after the build has been outstanding too, they make us feel like we are part of an extended family. I would not hesitate to recommend Sand Creek Post and Beam to anyone who wants a beautiful well-built barn on their property."

-Chris Geisert, Missouri

Testimonial Barn 4

All we had hoped for and then some.

"The final result is all we had hoped for and then some. The barn is beautiful, functional, and most of all fun! We have had tons of comments from friends and neighbors about how much they like the barn. We have even had people that we did not know pull in to look, just because the barn is so awesome. The windmill put the finishing touch on our dream come true!!"

-Doug and Debbie Smart, Kansas

Testimonial Barn 5

Above and beyond with customer service

"The whole project, from inception to completion was exceptional. Jones Cottrell went above and beyond with customer service. It has become the talk of the county. I highly recommend the entire organization if you are planning a barn."

-Dan & Belle Fangmeyer, North Carolina

Testimonial Barn 6

I would certainly build another

"When we decided to build a house we wanted something different, and when we saw a Sand Creek barn we loved the concept right away. It fit our setting perfectly and our builder had no trouble putting it together. The design has worked well for us and the look is unique. We love our barn! I would certainly build another and recommend Sand Creek Post & Beam to a friend."

-Robert Deming, Texas

Testimonial Barn 7

Team was clear, responsive and always helpful

"The Sand Creek team was clear, responsive and always helpful. We sought to modify the original design in several fundamental respects, and they did so with speed, clarity and enthusiasm. When entering the construction phase, the Sand Creek technical team were there to answer "how to" questions on a real-time basis. We constructed this as a family project, with our four boys serving as the construction crew. The Sand Creek staff was there to answer all the questions routinely. This support was vital. Finally, the product is a joy to behold. My boys now carry pictures of "their" barn proudly in their wallets there is no better testimonial to the endeavor."

-Will Stelle, Washington

Testimonial Barn 8

Exposed beams and custom details make the loft exceptionally beautiful

"Our dream was to build a barn/loft at our home with acreage in up state New York. My husband would stand and look at the pad and think and think. Then he would spend hours driving all around looking at other barns for inspiration. When he heard about Sand Creek Post and Beam, he immediately sent for a catalog and the dream soon became a reality. With custom features and his own ideas we have the barn of our dreams. The tenant loft upstairs is truly a thing of beauty with vista views from the windows in every direction. The exposed beams and custom details make the loft exceptionally beautiful. Thank you to all of you at Sand Creek Post and Beam who helped make our dream a reality!"

-Laurent & Joan Genest, New York

Testimonial Barn 9

You would think that we were their first customer the way they’ve treated us

"They have absolutely bent over backwards for us. You would think that we were their first customer the way they’ve treated us. They really made an effort to number one, keep us informed throughout the process, giving us recommendations on things we can do to improve our building, to save time, to cut costs, etc. I feel they’ve really been a good partner. They are just a bunch of good people, good people to work with."

-Sandy Queen, Kansas

Testimonial Barn 10

Nostalgia of an old barn in a new building!.

"I've always been fascinated with barns. Once moving onto acreage, I had a chance to have one of my own. I looked into moving an old barn, but the opportunities were limited and there is a lot more involved than I anticipated. Throughout my research on the subject I came across the option of a kit barn. I had a 22' one and a half story Ponderosa Country Barn with a 12' lean-to on each side built last winter. Now I have all the nostalgia of an old barn in a new building! It adds so much more character to my acreage than a sterile metal building. The boys in the band also love the acoustics"

-Tom Beutler, Nebraska

Testimonial Barn 11

Provide us with the best structure dollar for dollar

"When we made the decision to build a barn on our property, I spent 6 months doing research, checking into every barn manufacturer out there. I talked to each company about everything from the plans they provide to the materials they use. In the end, I found that Sand Creek Post & Beam would provide us with the best structure dollar for dollar. What I like best is they use traditional lumber - posts and planks in their designs to give the barn an authentic look and feel that will outlast the other companies. Everyone at Sand Creek was very helpful every step along the way and they delivered what they promised."

-Bryce Veon, Pennsylvania

Testimonial Barn 12

Like it fits in next to a log home.

"Sand Creek Post and Beam offered my family a perfect addition to our log home at the lake. It is hard to find a detached garage that looks like it fits in next to a log home. Also with all of our family at least 5 hours away the loft above the barn/garage offers company a place to stay. It also makes for a great office and recreational room for entertaining. Everyone from our immediate family to friends and relatives love our garage. Thanks to Sand Creek Post and Beam for making our vacation home complete. We really appreciated working with your company."

-Jason Kok, Iowa

Testimonial Barn 13

High ceilings and exposed timbers create a lot of interest architecturally

"I love working with the timber frame structure and the results are exactly what we wanted. It has a ranch/farm house look and feel that we like and the high ceilings and exposed timbers create a lot of interest architecturally. Time of my life. It’s great!"

-Ron Lloyd, Colorado

Testimonial Barn 14

Reminds me of a scene from a Terry Redlin print

"We really enjoy our Sand Creek barn. It is a functional and attractive addition to our farm. We love the wood look and architecture. It is extremely solid, no creaking and groaning in our wind like you get in some buildings. It provides us a great place to get away and relax while enjoying our view of the countryside. It is beautiful inside and out. When you drive up to our barn in the evening, with the outside and cupola lights, it reminds me of a scene from a Terry Redlin print."

-Matt Hemmer, Kansas

Testimonial Barn 15

The first place people want to investigate

"On my property the barn is the first place people want to investigate, we set it up as a man cave for the guys to watch football and have a beer. Sand Creek Post and Beam and their staff did a great job from start to finish in helping us achieve exactly what we wanted."

-Monty & Sherry Walden, Texas

Testimonial Barn 16

It’s old world craftsmanship

"I think there are a lot of people out there trying to do this, but I think that Sand Creek has built a pretty good reputation for being good at executing. They delivered everything on time, we had all the pieces and parts here, it’s old world craftsmanship. This was a unique and different kind of build. We were looking like a barn from the outside but we’re making some living quarters, bedrooms, and a big kitchen to celebrate in. We came back to Sand Creek Post & Beam with new ideas and changes. It was very easy working with everybody at Sand Creek."

-Jay Brehmer, Iowa

Testimonial Barn 17

General feel of openness inside

"I'm very happy with the structure. The space inside and general feel of openness inside is just what I envisioned 1 year ago when I placed my order with you for the kit. The detail of the beams make it all look extra special."

-Doug Fraits, Ohio

Testimonial Barn 18

You could talk to the people you need to talk to

"I was able to talk directly with the design people, in a lot of places you get buffered. If I had a question that was technical or a question that was dimensional, they would send me directly to the guy that was drawing it, the guy that was engineering, so you could talk to the people you need to talk to. It’s good to have a company that’s fully backed with an engineering staff. They made sure I got a product that works well for my application."

-Charlie Walcutt, Nebraska